European Cars & Their Specific Oil Needs
January 2, 2024

European Cars & Their Specific Oil Needs


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Many car enthusiasts share a common dream of one day owning a high-performance vehicle that looks exceptional on the road and delivers a powerful performance. Often, that desire causes many drivers to upgrade to a luxurious European car. While they are a thrilling investment, it's important to remember that maintenance requirements for these vehicles may differ from your previous one, particularly when it comes to oil. Keep reading to learn more.

What Type of Oil Do European Cars Need?

While there is no clear answer to the above question, any reputable service shop would agree that you should not use conventional American motor oil in your European car. Although opting for the cheapest option may seem appealing to some, this is not recommended and can compromise your vehicle’s engine. 

The right type of oil for your car depends on which make and model you drive. Some vehicles run best using synthetic oil, while others require European-specific motor oil formulated for your foreign ride. However, we recommend referring to your owner's manual for clear insight and best practice recommendations. 

However, you don't have to pull out the owner's manual if you don't want to. Our team of automotive experts at Blair Automotive can help you select the perfect oil for your car. Plus, our service shops have a variety of oil types readily available to ensure that your vehicle gets what it needs without excessive wait times. 

Now, let’s discuss three reasons why European cars require special oil.

1 - Luxury European Cars Have High-Performance Engines

Luxury cars are known for their exceptional power, whether you're showing off the smooth roar of your engine, enjoying impressive pick-up times, or driving fast down the road. However, it's important to note that high-performance engines in many premier European vehicles operate at higher temperatures, especially compared to traditional cars. Therefore, you must select a high-quality oil that can withstand the intense heat generated inside the engine while you're driving.

2 - European Vehicles Require Better Lubrication & Protection 

European vehicles are intricate machines with several moving parts. Plus, these cars often have tighter engine tolerances, meaning there's minimal space between the moving parts. As a result, every component needs to function meticulously to prevent a minor deviation from causing a major breakdown. High-quality oils offer better lubrication and protection compared to traditional American motor oil. Opting for the proper type ensures mechanical wear and unexpected debris are less likely to cause a mishap.

3 - European Car Manufacturers Often Recommend Longer Oil Change Intervals

Europe typically has stricter environmental regulations than the United States, especially when comparing the two automotive industries. As a result, European vehicles are designed differently and come with distinct service recommendations compared to American cars. Many European brands suggest longer oil change intervals. Although the specific timeframe may differ for each vehicle, it's common to see a recommendation for an oil change once every 10,000 miles.

Many American drivers see this difference as a benefit since they don’t have to visit service shops as often. However, it’s important to note that different types of oils have varying lifespans. Some cheaper options may not be able to last 10,000 miles of driving, or they may expire too quickly within the given timeframe. On the other hand, synthetic oil, or oil made for European cars, is formulated to last longer and can meet the recommended oil change date or mileage requirement.

What Happens if I Put the Wrong Type of Oil in My European Car?

If you recently changed your oil independently or visited a mechanic shop where the team was not trained properly, you may find yourself in a position where you have the wrong type of oil in your European vehicle. If this is the case, please visit us at Blair Automotive. We ask you to provide any information you have regarding the type of oil in your vehicle and to let us know if you’re experiencing any performance issues with your car. Our team will help you resolve the problem and ensure you leave with an engine set up for success.

Plus, we even offer a complimentary diagnostic test to help you determine if any underlying issues require corrective action. If we find anything, you are more than welcome to wait in our comfortable seating area while we fix your car, or we can provide a free loaner or shuttle service so you can continue with your day. Blair Automotive is a service shop run by car enthusiasts, and we want to do our part in helping your European vehicle thrive. 

Schedule an Oil Change at Blair Automotive

Feel free to swing by Blair Automotive in Dallas, Texas, if your European car is due for an oil change. We have everything your vehicle may need, from synthetic oil to top-of-the-line European-specific options. All you have to do is take a seat in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy a coffee while we service your car. Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also schedule an appointment online to guarantee faster turnaround times. Click the button below to get started, and our team will have your car back on the road with the oil it needs in no time.

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