Great service, knowledgeable replaced tire and balance while waiting. Will return when need arises Blake was spot on.

4.5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/22/2017

They were great! Dropped me off at the office and got my check engine light off and did the oil change for a great price. Very informative I've detailed with any question I had. Would recommend to anyone looking to have their Audi/VW serviced.

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/21/2017

Highly recommended!!! Friendly Courteous and professional.

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/20/2017

Great Customer Service. Friendly, informative and easy to work with and to schedule appointments with. Very knowledgeable about AUDI vehicles!

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/19/2017

Turbo rebuild and Stage 2 upgrade was great! Quick turnaround too!

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/18/2017

The shop was clean and well organized. The staff was friendly and professional. This is a high quality shop where very thorough work is done.

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/16/2017

In recent years, I've become more and more of a Volkswagen enthusiast. Soon after purchasing my 2016 GTI MK7, I made the decision to transform it from a stock, all around fun car into a ferocious beast, but knew this could not be accomplished alone. Initially, I jumped into things too quickly and was left disappointed by several local performance shops. I felt I was taken advantage of for my lack of overall knowledge and was unimpressed with the customer service I received. The next time around, I made a conscious effort to interview and visit with a number of VW/Audi performance shops situated throughout North Texas. I cannot say enough about the folks at Blair Automotive, they were willing to take the time to get to know me, my car and I grew to both respect and trust them as a company. By now, I've had the vast majority of the work performed on my car completed by Blair and they've continually exceeded my heightened expectations; I'll without a doubt refer them business. If you're on the fence as to where you'd like to take your VW/Audi for servicing, feel free to email me directly ([email protected]), I'm happy to take the time to speak with you and walk you through the positive experiences myself and others have had with Blair. Best, Daniel Black Chief Executive Officer Glass-Media, Inc.

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/13/2017

Best customer service I've received in years!!!

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/12/2017

Great service and the team really loves the cars they work on. That makes all the difference!

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/12/2017

I went in without an appointment to do the tune and left in about an hour. The facility is really clean. And the staff is nice.

5 Blair Automotive, Inc. 9/12/2017